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The Carion Group has been present in the Hungarian market since 1994, when Carion Zrt was founded. The first Carion company established a new model for group purchasing in Hungary, while building its other companies in order to provide its clients with the fullest possible range of services. The business successes achieved by the company has enabled it to create and acquire other businesses with markedly different profiles, which, over the years, has led to the formation of the Carion Group, which currently consists of 11 companies. The members of the group are financially independent units with their operations coordinated and their strategies developed by the Board of Directors of Carion Holding Zrt. The services provided by the Group fully cover all the stages in the real estate development process, and its successful reference projects represent a guarantee of the quality that it provides, whether as an independent project manager or as an investment partner.

Carion Holding Zrt.

Carion Investment Fund Management Zrt.

Carion Venture Zrt.

Carion Ingatlanfinaszírozási Centrum Zrt.

Carion Consulting Kft.

Carion Estates, Inc.

Carion Zrt.

Poligrupo Hungária Zrt.

Carion Property Management Kft.

CRN Consulting Kft

Carion group